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Lines & Coatings Services can provide line marking and coatings both your indoor & outdoor surfaces for Schools, Factories & Warehouses!


Based in Melbourne, Lines & Coatings offers it’s clients a broad range of traffic management solutions – including bollards, line marking, height clearance bars, barriers, wheel stops and speed humps. Our clients come from across a number of key industries including warehousing, logistics, transport, property management, retail and many more. Twenty years of line marking experience has given us a wealth of knowledge.

We’re aware of the difficulty in closing down areas of workplaces or car parks during business hours so we’re available for work 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Our Mission Statement:

Lines & Coatings works in partnership with you, to achieve safer environments for your staff, customers and visitors.

Our knowledge and motivated staff are easy to do business with, apply the principles of fair exchange and create an experience of simple helpfulness.

Line Marking

We provide high quality and long-lasting line marking services, specialising in car park and warehouse markings. We only use high quality Dulux line marking paints and the latest equipment to ensure our services can cope with modern traffic and forklift volumes.

Lines and Coatings will assist in every aspect of your project including design and consultancy where we can come out and measure and design the carpark or warehouse layout to optimise the usage of space.

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  • Carpark layout design and markings
  • Warehouse pallet staging bays and pedestrian walkways
  • Truck unloading bays
  • Remarking of old lines
  • Hatchings
  • Number/lettering/wording and logo stencilling (company logos)


  • Use of anti-slip and reflective beading
  • Loading zones
  • Pedestrian crossings
  • Directional arrows
  • Clearance and hazard zones


Factories and Warehouses

Lines and Coatings specialise in warehouse line marking. Warehouse line marking is an integral element of making your warehouse safe as well as helping to mark and highlight the designated areas for people, machines and vehicles. Warehouse line marking and safety signs are the first steps in safeguarding your workforce from risks at work. Identifying safe walkway routes, hazards and workplace dangers reduces the number of potential issues that can arise. We regularly attend sites to quote line marking works for new safety layouts, existing layouts that need repainting and for warehouses that have been audited and require urgent line marking work. Our warehouse line marking is completed with dulux road marking paint. This paint is made from chlorinated rubber and lasts much longer in warehouse environments than standard water based paints.

Our warehouse work is usually for pedestrian walkways, dedicated pathways, forklift floor signs, loading bays, truck direction and much more.

Warehouses are generally made up of two types of concrete: polished & rough. In most instances rough concrete can have paint directly applied to it with a 100% bond.

As well as Line marking and floor painting we can also use ultra-resistant floor marking tape as a alternative solution. This tape works well in buildings that need temporary Line marking or buildings that are being leased for a short period of time that require proper direction and staging bays for products. This tape is easily removed by our specially designed scrapers and tape lift system.

CarPark Linemarking

Lines & Coatings are your car park line marking experts. Our team has line marked carparks for years and almost daily we work on a new or existing carpark that needs a freshen up. Our team is not only highly skilled in Linemarking but they understand the importance of customer service and ensuring your business has minimum downtime when the works are being completed. The Lines & Coatings team are happy to assist you with your questions and requirements. Our team will also guide you from a experts point of view as to how your carpark or layout should look to comply with the many rules and regulations when it comes to pedestrian safety. Our carpark line marking services include: New carparks, renewing carparks, refurbishing carparks and general pedestrian safety.

Lines and Coatings strive to provide you with the best results for your needs we guarantee this by:

Dedicating our experienced staff each with 5+ years’ experience to your project.
Warranting our workmanship for 1 year.
Having our project managers complete the line marking work themselves.
Beating all quotes by 5% Guaranteed.
We know you have three things you expect: reliability, experience and results. These are inline with our business values and we aim to deliver your expectations with our services offered.

Schools & Play Grounds

Lines & Coatings are able to lay out your play areas in schools and playgrounds. We have a specialist team that can try to match your designs to the best of our ability. Even your colours can be specially matched with our great relationship with Paint professionals who will mix colours to match what you need.

Snakes and ladders, handball courts, hopscotch we do it all. Simply let us know what you need and we will supply you with a quotation.

We have a pressure cleaning team who can also make sure your new designs are on a clean floor that will be pressure washed. This means we will not have to apply any artworks to dirty floors that may have dirt and spilled foods present.
Please get in touch if you require a line marking quotation.

New Constructions

Lines & Coatings are your go to line markers for new construction projects. We are involved in a vast amount of new construction projects daily, this is due to our expertise in setting out new lines and proper line marking procedures.

We know the need for reliability in construction and error free work. Due to these two important factors we have a highly skilled project manager who will lead your project from the start.

We have our own surface scrubbers and pressure washers for surface preparation prior to line marking services. This ensures we have a dirt and dust free surface to stick our paint to. We also pressure wash around edges and columns!

Epoxy Floor Coatings

Our epoxy floor coating division trades under the name of Melbourne Epoxy Floors and specialises in concrete preparation and application of premium-quality resinous floor coating systems. The services we provide under Sydney Epoxy Floors are as follows:

All types of floor coatings
High-strength concrete floor repairs using 2-part epoxy mortar
Joint repair
Joint sealing
Concrete diamond grinding
Shot blasting
Floor scrubbing
Steam cleaning
Application of epoxy coatings
Line marking
Application of industrial coating to equipment and machinery

Safety Signs Supply & Installation

We supply and install all types of premium-quality and locally made products, including:

traffic and safety signs
wheel stops
fixed and collapsible bollards
speed humps
convex mirrors
safety pedestrian gates
road spikes and much more.

Our installation team work flexible hours to suit your requirements and ensure minimum disruption to your normal business activities. All work is carried out in accordance with the highest safety standards.

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